RICHER HOUSE ESCAPE is a point and click game created by the escape games. This game is easy to play and is single player online type game. In this game you are a poor boy and you are trapped inside a house of a rich person. How that happened? You are a poor boy who lived in a very small house. There is a very big house of a businessman and you have always wanted to see the interiors of the house and one day you decided to enter the house and someone has locked the door from outside and you are trapped. The mission is you have to get out of the house as soon as possible. You have to collect certain things which will help you get out of the house, they are the cues and hints to play the game.


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  1. The varieties of escapes are available in market and internet on a wide range with options of single and multiplayer. The trend of multiplayer escapes are popular these days among the online gamers.

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