PRIMARY HOUSE ESCAPE is a point and click room escape game, developed by smile clicker and sponsored by In this game you will have to find different items hidden inside a house. You have to cross all the rooms solving tricky puzzles and collecting different items hidden which you have to identify by looking all around the house using your great skills. It is easy to understand and play the game. The game is available at You can play the game online. There is no need to register or make an account to play the game, just open the website and enjoy the game. Overall the game is a good time pass. If you are stuck at any level you can opt for help and you will get some hint. The music is also good throughout the game. The game is played with simple logic, find the hidden items from the house and escape as soon as possible.

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  1. Primary escape games are the new arrivals in the market in the arena of online games. I have downloaded many games in online and finally got the best one which i loved a lot.!!

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