CRM And The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has exploded in the recent decade with a huge influx of various genres of games being introduced into the market from all over the world. The gaming industry has often been seen to be an attractive sector to hard-core gamers. Unfortunately that is not the only requirement to create a popular game that withstands the test of time. It has been noted by industry experts that even if a game checks all the boxes like excellent graphics, smooth portability, smooth running, and some games tend to be dropped quite suddenly by players.

To promote the games that you are developing, you need to target the market segment for which the game has been developed. There are several customer relationship management software in the market, but Salesforce has been touted as the leader among them by several industry experts. A short stint at any salesforce crm training in Chennai can help ensure that you are targeting the right segment while marketing your game as well as widen the reach of your games.

A simple counting game developed for nursery kids will not be attractive to the older kids and vice versa. In such scenarios, implementing a CRM software like Salesforce can help you collect data about your customers across various channels as well as improve your relationship with them. Most games belong to particular genres like strategy games, first person shooters, racing games and so on.


Since these games tend to follow a particular pattern over different levels, it causes the users or the customers to become bored of it quite easily. Since most gamers lie in the age range 6 years to 21 years, the short attention span also contributes to the boredom factor. As reported by most gamers are on the lookout for the next hot trend in the gaming market. Unless you can keep up with the customers’ demands, they will tend to drop you like a hot potato and move on to the next big game.

By using Salesforce to collect data and information of your current customers as well potential clients, it gives you an option of identifying the market segment where your game tends to be more popular. Once you have establishes a market segment, interacting with them can give you ideas on how to improve the game as well as find out which features of the game do not appeal to the customers as well. Salesforce also gives you an option of identifying your most loyal customers, thereby giving you an opportunity if offering them promotional codes or Easter eggs for the games. Even inviting the hard-core loyal customers to be beta testers for your game can help bring in more clients as this industry thrives on bragging rights.
Salesforce can also analyze the data and create reports to give you an idea of how popular the multiplayer and single player versions are popular with different age groups in the market. After identifying these market segments, it makes it easier to decide on new features to be included in which particular version. At the end of the day, it is prudent to realize that it is not possible to implement every single customer’s request. Salesforce gives you the power to decide which changes are more feasible compared to the others.

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