Escape from Dinosaur Hill Walkthrough

Scene 1: Click the flowers and note blue and green color of the butterflies. Take a diamond from the branch of the tree on the right a dart from the plant a nest from the tree on theleft and a stick from the bottom of this tree Hit the target board on the tree with the dart and pick the eagle tattoo and a bit paper from the rock.
Scene 2: Click the flowers and note the robin blue and red color of the butterfly. Take a blue diamond for the tree stump on the right, rubbing stonethe plant, pick the bit paper from the tree behind the fence, pick the blue diamondform behind the stone on the cave. Get a water pot from the front of the tree stump
Scene 3: Pick bit paper from the hill, from behind the plant between the dinosaur and tree and combine the paper bits to get the number 5928. Click the lid of the barrel and get a green diamond. Pick the clay lamp from the white flat stone on the left. Pick the red diamond from the cactus.
unnamed (2)Scene 4: Apply the colors from the butterflies on the mushroom on the left and get a rubber horn bulb. Place the number 5928 on the object on straight and get a jaguar tattoo.
Scene 5: Join the stick with the rubber horn bulb and get the number 3716 and put it on the yellow box and get a rubbing stone Take the nest, drag rubbing stones, and the clay lamp and light the lamp. Place the lit lamp on the white flat stone and note the hint.
Scene 6: Change the images on the mushroom as per hint, to get a lion tattoo.
Scene 7: Paste the diamonds on the tree and get a rhino tattoo. Pluck the plant from the stem from the left side of the cave. Place the plant on the sleeping bear, to move it and free the cave entrance. Drag the pot of water at the entrance of the cave. Paste the tattoos on it, and get an egg.
Scene 8: Give the egg to the dinosaur.

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