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Gaming Sites – Is It Harmful Or Good?

Parents all over the world worry about one thing in common, and that is about their child getting too addicted to the smartphones. This situation is quite a paradox because, on the one side, more and more games are being developed with new and exciting features, while on the other hand, there is a study by psychologists on the altered behavioral attitudes of children. When it comes to gaming site advantages/gaming site disadvantages, there is plenty to talk about.

With the advent of smartphones, almost anyone from one year olds to octogenarians use smartphones. Game developers have constantlybeen developing games for children even as young as three years. It is normal to see an entire generation of young children stuck to their phones, whether it is for playing games or chatting with their friends. There are games of different kinds; some games are said to improve your thinking skills. There are brain games for brain training and improving cognitive abilities, and there are games to help children with their vocabulary. In their busy lifestyles and work schedules, parents hardly have time to sit with their children. Children often spend hours playing various games. Several gaming apps are available that help children with their academic skills, whether it is math or physics or even with basic word building. While some games are helpful in improving a child’s academic skills, there are also games that are purely for entertainment and can also be very addictive.
Why Parental Control Is Necessary

Parental control on the activities of children on the smartphone is very crucial. Allowing a child to spend too much of time playing mobile and video games can have adverse effects. Psychologists warn that a child who spends too many hours on video games will eventually display unsocial behavior. Some games are also capable of making children violent and can be highly dangerous. The “blue whale” mobile game, for instance, has been responsible for several deaths across the world, because children innocently downloaded in their phone, and completed tasks of which the final task was to commit suicide.

Is It Harmful Or Good1

Another problem with video and mobile games is that children will get addicted to certain games, and will eventually withdraw from all social contact. As a result, several children who grow up without knowing social skills that are necessary for life. It is true that mobile and video games are becoming more and more popular, and almost cannot be stopped. Some games may help children to de-stress, especially when it comes to handling stress on a daily basis. Games can be useful for certain reasons, but it is wiser for parents to maintain a control over the kind of games played by their children. Especially when it comes to very young children, it is better for parents to keep a tab on the type of mobile and video games that the child is playing. Limiting the time that the child in on mobile and video games will also go a long way in preventing children from getting too addicted to games.

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