Most sought online games

Though some people say that online games are waste of time but no one can deny its attractive nature and thirst of the person to spare time for this once he is used to it. There are varieties of online games with most appealing features that a user can never deny using it. In recent days even in mobile phones we can find people playing lots of games. Some of the most sought games of the decade is listed in detail below,
Realm of the mad god
It includes the adventures of a traditional shooter, pitting players from all walks of life alongside one another in a class-driven crusade against the minions of dark lord Oryx. It is mainly based on the shooting and aiming skills of the player. There are 14 different levels or options to choose for the player to play on (wizard, huntress, mystic, assassin, etc.).
Angry birds
It is the most popular game which played for the past few years by people of all ages. This game is all about aiming the target and hitting them with the limited birds given with. This game has a number of levels and versions to play on hence it is not boring for the persons who are addicted to it. This game is also known to be a good stress buster for numerous people.
Jack smith
This game is a best example for games which gets interesting not at the entry but when the game progresses you will be fascinated by the developments. This game is mainly about building weapons for war initially the game will not be very interesting but later on when the orders increase and the enemies build up the game becomes more appealing and interesting to play on.
Super adventure pals
This game features a rideable giraffe and a trio. With Super Adventure Pals, players must find their way through a series of side scrolling levels in an effort to reclaim the trio’s third companion, Mister Rock, from the envious Mr. B. Gameplay is fast-paced, requiring players to frantically swing their sword and hurl bombs as they traverse the varied maps, and game even incorporates various RPG elements in the form of quest items and resounding experience points used to purchase level upgrades (i.e. health and strength). It is a good mixture of humor and animation.
Temple run
It is another game which has stolen the hearts of the people in recent days. In this game the player keeps on running collecting the gold coins and extra amenities which helps him. He always will be followed by a dragon or a monster. He can also buy some amenities with the coins which he has collected. This game gets more interesting as the level passes on. Following the first versions success many versions has been developed and introduced into the market.
Mother load
It was one of the most sought games that were in its peak in 2000’s. It is built on the inspiration of dig dug and boulder dash. This game a mini robot keeps on digging to find rare ore buried under ground. For refueling the robot goes upwards and the gamming keys are the four directional arrows in the key board. It’s a Flash classic, and the unbridled sense of pleasure you’ll receive upon finding mineable gold is well worth the hours of game play.
Super Mario
This game attracts the players with its varied locations in background starting from the peaks to dry and scotching deserts. The character’s name is Mario and it has many version and levels to play with. The major actions done by the character are running, triple jump, sprint, ground pond and so on. The mission of this character is to rescue the famous peach princess. Additional attraction of this game is the extra features such as water jet packs and life mushrooms.
New city
As the direct follow up to developer fly Anvil’s Decision, the second installment in the series offers more than few similarities. Like the original title, players are thrust into a zombie-ravaged metropolis and armed to the teeth with an arsenal of weapons (i.e. an Enfield, M-16, colt, bazooka) to combat the impending, walking infection. Here also the navigational keys are used to move the characters around. In this version a number of zombies appear in seconds to attack the hero which has to be overcome by him.
Subway surfer
In this game a surfer will be collecting gold coins and extra amenities, who will be followed by a character with his pet. Speed plays a vital role in the game. The major two actions done by the character will be running, jumping and bend n roll over. Lots of extra advantages like skating board, boots, rocket and so on can be got in this game. It is also one of the game in which recently many people are interested in.
Box head 2 play
This game perfectly suits the tag kill or be killed. Here the four characters Bamboo, Bon, Bind, and Bert obtaining an arsenal of upgradeable weaponry ranging from the commonplace pistol and grenade to the scattered shotgun and rail gun hunt down the opposition to gain victory amidst a lots of troubles like devil’s fire balls and exploding boxes. They have to save the virus stricken citizens as far as possible. The players control their actions using either the standard arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D buttons, and shoot using the spacebar. Though it begins slowly, with only a handful zombies scuttling through the gates, players will soon find themselves overrun with more than they can handle.
Frog fractions
Frog Fractions starts out easy enough with a frog, some fruit, and a slew of pop-up fractions. However, although the game’s initial goal is to protect the swarms of butterflies, mosquitoes, and other insects from devouring said fruit with your elastic-like tongue, it quickly becomes something more momentous than anyone could have anticipated. It boosts your brain’s capacity although it lasts only less than an hour.
Rogue soul
The aptly-titled plat former throws players in the role of a hooded ninja named Rogue Soul, an able miscreant who prides himself in being the city’s finest and most allusive thief. However, when rival bandit Borin Hood garners all the praise (and a 5,000-soulon reward), Rogue Soul takes it upon himself to reclaim his title and wreak havoc on the landscape through a series of scrolling levels. Players will find themselves running, sliding, and jumping their way through the cartoonish city streets, knocking out local militia, traversing fatal pits via parachute, and handing out flowers in exchange for welcome ability upgrades.
Candy crush
This game is like playing building blocks. Here the candies of same colour should be arranged together so that they disappear and the player gains points and according to the points there will be bonus added to the player. Here also as the level passes by the interest factor get more. This game can also be played in mobile phones once downloaded from the website.
Bubble spinner
The players take control of simple pointer located at the top of the interface, launching a series of colored bubbles at a larger conglomerate of bubbles rotating in the center of window. Bubbles detach and clear when the launched bubble comes in contact with a bubble that’s already attached to one or more of that same color, often triggering a chain reaction, clearing all reliant bubbles while earning you corresponding points. The momentum of the shot bubble spins the center shape on impact, thus exposing more opportunities in the process, but bubbles will also inconveniently stack upon one another if you fail to hit the appropriate color. Winning depends on how quickly players can clear all bubbles, and alternatively, losing occurs when bubbles stack outside the region of the screen.
Super house of the dead ninjas
This game includes the descending of the ninja to the ground level from top to demolish the hellish devil at the basement. The ninja descends from a tower of 350 level. ou’re constantly at the mercy of two countdown timers, one signaling the appearance of the Grim Reaper and the other encapsulating your rage progress, as well the game’s staggered boss battles and the final showdown.
Age of war
This game begins with the cave era with cave men and dinosaurs but later on it builds up to middle age, modern era and eventually a future era with flying tanks and all. The basic rule of the play is to save your base and kill your enemy to survive. As the game progresses the player will get bonus points and additional advantages. It has a variety of cosmetic changes and change in surroundings to fascinate the player. Though it is of simplistic design the game is very successful in terms of entertainment.
Kingdom rush frontiers
This game is more like a real king saving his kingdom from his enemy. Kingdom Rush Frontiers requires players to build a multitude of fortified towers to fend off a never-ending barrage of maniacal dragons, man-eating-plants, and demonic heathens hell-bent on ransacking your beloved kingdom. The newest incarnation of the title touts nearly 10 specialized tower upgrades and 18 tower abilities, not to mention a gang of new heroes and three difficulty modes, and even introduces an in-game encyclopedia detailing each the towers’ respective strengths and weaknesses. Warfare 1917
It is designed based on the battle in 1917 between two countries British and German hostiles. It’s a straightforward strategy game, boasting nearly 30,000 votes on, and requires players to use infantry, armor, and fire support to gain a strategic foothold from which to overthrow the enemy. It depicts the real battlefield and it has gunner, riflemen, tanks and various chemical weapons. The play becomes increasingly harder as players proceed, even with the added bonus abilities earned via the in-game experience points.
Dolphin Olympics
This game is developed based on the mammal acrobatics. The dolphin leaps out of water for two minutes in which it performs a few simple tricks combinations in exchange for points. Rounding up schools of fish prior to jumping out the water grants players higher point values, as will the speed boosts gained through the various magic rings floating in the air and submerged beneath the waves. Though the controls for jumping are straightforward, the challenge lies with how elegantly the player can enter and exit the water, heavily relying on the angles along with speed and trick performance.

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