Point and Click to Escape Game Genres

There are many video games and puzzles that challenge our brain power and that we have played in our childhood. With a flourishing gaming industry there are many new genre being developed and available to access and play offline and online.
For those looking for a way out of repetitive games like arcade, racing and shooting, with monotonous levels that depends only on swiftness and alertness flash adventure games are a different genre challenging your logic and intelligence and taking your gaming skills to greater heights be it online and offline!
. Flash Adventure Games
The adobe flash programs opened the door to a flood of new games and genres for the game developer and gamers bringing in new adventure and experience to the gaming world. The most common and interesting games in this genre are “Point-and- Click” and “Escape- the –Room” games
Point-and- Click games
“Point-and- Click” games are simple, single objective games that can be played by anybody, any age. The objective of the game is generally unfolded in a story in these interactive games. The character of the story interacts with the player in predetermined texts. The game screen is made clickable in many areas of the screen. Actions like opening or closing a door or box happens as you click in these clickable areas. Dialogues and author narrations may also appear by clicking on these areas. With the mesmerising background music and graphics these “Point-and- Click” games are available for whatever mood you may be in for, be it fun, excitement, spirituality, mystery, scary ghostly etc. Some popular “Point-and- Click” games are Bonte games, Samrost, Minto games, Monster in the basement, Anika, Myst, and many more
murder-manor-iconRoom escape games
The popularity “Room escape games” among the gamers have created a separate genre of games named after them. In these flash games the objective of the gamer is to interact with and help the character of the story to solve different puzzles and using the clues to escape from the room or locker etc., that he is stuck in or from the kidnapper that he is stuck with. Like in the “Point-and- Click” games, the game screen has a number of clickable areas which perform a specific action that help solve the puzzle to help the character escape. The main theme of “Room escape games” centres around escaping from a certain place. Popular maong “Room escape games” are “The Great escape series”, “Tortuga”, “Travelogue”, “Pear escape”, “Crimson room”, “White day”, “Vision escape”,etc!
These 15 to 25 minutes long short time games are an excellent stress buster and a great breakaway from the monotony of activity one may be forced to carry out daily.

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