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Welcome to freearcadehall.com. We are serious escape game players. We have played live escape games as well as online games. We wanted to take our passion to the next level and that I how we developed this website. We are a team of six members behind this website. Each of us belong to different stream but united through this blog. Hope you enjoy reading our blogs. We have described some walkthroughs and interesting escape games to help you in understanding the game. We are also passionate about playing Xbox Games and Playstation Games. We have planned to start a blog on these topics too.

We have an experienced team of experts who helps us in publishing, marketing and managing our website. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please feel free to share with us. We are happy to entertain you as well as inform you about the latest games. Our aim is to be an exclusive website for passionate games of any gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We advise our commentators and writers to treat about the things they write as they see in reality. We expect our writers not to cross certain limitations. We started this blog in 2013 and we are happy to see its step by step success.

We crave for news and searching for scoops. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send a mail to us. We will be happy to take up your suggestions on board. Thank you for visiting our blog page. Keep visiting our blog and get yourself updated with latest game news.

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