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How defense industries can extract the best from service robots

Common problems which the military men face at the borders

The defense industry of every country is working hard to use technologies to make their borders enemy-free and the residing people safe from terror attacks. The military of a country or region needs to deploy a high amount of people at work owing to the fear of unexpected attacks. They might have to encounter a battle at late night or early morning. The military has to stay alert 24*7 and for 365 days a year and can never compromise with the safety.

The use of service robots in critical places can save humans from being attacked. The service robots can be controlled with joysticks and can find out any threat and can alert the military officials ASAP. They possess sensors, actuators, ultrasonic waves, and night lights to find suspects and report the officials.

Uses of the service robots in battlefields

The mobile robots which look like small tanks can run on the battlefield to detect and destroy any hazardous object for the soldiers. Two ABV (assault breacher vehicles) are used to create and fill the tank trench for the soldiers to move in and out of the trench with absolute safety.

The other users of the service robots include:

  • Transporting heavy military equipment to the battleground without causing any damage to it.
  • Some robots can patrol the borders and alert the officials if they inspect any disturbance caused by the invader.
  • The military can use the service robots to carry the wounded soldiers to the nearest health care department and hence they can save valuable lives.

The service robots can provide functions like smokescreen and shields to the soldiers when they need it. The soldiers are using electronic signatures to hide the visual location of the service robots.

Is it easy for the soldiers to operate the service robots?

The soldiers can become professionals in operating service robots in a few weeks of dedicated training. The engineers have made the control setup of the robots like video-game consoles. Due to the risk of security, the service robots don’t compile with all sorts of automation. The army is adopting technological aspects to reduce the work of manned crews. The only thing which the army officials need is a strong encryption of such robots.

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