Woman Experiencing Shoulder Massage Therapy By A Robot in a Massage Center.

Latest Trend in Spa by Robots

Several new technologies are developed for the convenience of our lifestyle. Large companies such as Silicon Valley are investing in billions to find out how to enhance the lastingness of the individual. It is just a phenomenon which will slowly improve in the forthcoming years. At present, there are certain technology revolutions that affect spa and wellness business.

Latest Technologies and Devices in the Spa

The latest technologies help in fine information collection about physical, health and mental status like – Several famous connected devices are arriving from health and fitness world like Fitbit, Garmin. It helps in measuring a number of steps or heart pulse to find out physical conditions and probably find the level of exhaustion when over toiled.

The democratization of inherent testing through saliva or blood samples helps in predicting whether individuals have chances to develop some diseases as per their genetic material.

Head Massage Therapy Given To An Experimental Doll By A Robotic Machine.

The next future ability to recite your brain through brain waves interpretation technology helps in identifying the region of the brain which is triggered in answer to some stimulus. It finds our emotional wellbeing and moods of the moment.

Shifting to smart data from big data: incorporation of information is important to offer a holistic recite of the health of the person. Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are simple to determine a huge amount of data for a large number of individuals. It helps to infer regular behaviors and find outliers. Smart information helps in the capability to recite data at the discrete level and also to associate to various pieces of information together so as to give a clear picture of the individual’s condition (emotional and physical). In the same moment, it will also be associated with its historical information. Technology companies will be able to find the code for crunching some information in a horizontal manner across various health variables in the following time.

Artificial intelligence integrates above necessary information and delivers customized solutions with individualized plans. From the time you want to wake up, you wish to eat breakfast to the meditation program you require can be set at the present moment. It ranges from day to day things like changing the room settings like air, music, light as per your mood, owning a cobot (cobot is a new generation robot that mimics human gestures), offer a customized massage therapy according to overall muscle status, Body Mass Index, blood flow and various relevant criteria.

Augmented reality and virtual reality will provide numerous opportunities for people to obtain immerse experiences. Destination resorts would face a tough race with urban main locations providing escapes from the town at better costs and conveniences. One of the best examples is YeloSpa located in Central Manhattan. It provides a reserve for strained out urbanites to switch off, unwind, heal and recharge from the stress and pressures of day to day life. The capacity to develop virtual worlds reduces the desire and requirement to travel abroad and also, it is the best way to diminish carbon footprint.

Latest Technologies Used in Massage Center

How does it help the Spa Industry?

The wellness and spa industry is still searching for the urban personalization holy-grail mainly at the peak point of the field in the top international spa or luxury destination spa clinics. The facilities cannot simply provide one size suits all for the cost they are charging. They have to strongly differentiate themselves against their competitors. Here – https://blog.robotiq.com/5-ways-cobots-are-used-in-medicine-and-healthcare  – you check out the major paly role of cobots in healthcare industry.

The clientele requires the best experience developed exclusively for them at the required time. At the same moment, technology would help to develop a step ahead than we have remained when it comes to personalization. The quality and amount of data we gather around mental and physical aspects of wellbeing are helpful in a great way.

As time goes, it will become generic to collect details. The wellness industry will create its value by making use of the data collected and offer various packages over time. Several top institutes will be the leaders for investing and testing the latest technologies so as to offer utmost personalization. The remaining industry will focus on the standardization of bulk technology.

The early adopters of the latest technologies benefit from disruption buzz. There will also be several challenges to clarify among managing the integrity and privacy of customer’s information.

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