A service robot cleaning the living room.

Robotics in the Domestic Domain

The ubiquitous robot in your home

The true revolution of robots happened when the the domestic robot came into existence. Technology that was primarily used in industries broke barriers to mutate and evolve into machines that would rule our homes. The creation of the first clock in 270BC is perhaps the very first attempt. Taking a huge leap in time, we come to the 1980’s when Healthkit introduced the world to HERO- an educational and personal robot. Rolled out in four models, HERO JR was deemed the more affordable type. People were able to listen to music, use it as an alarm and even notify appointments. Androbot,Inc. designed and released TOPO in 1983. However, due to its limited capabilities, Topo did not create an impact.

One must not forget that even the humble washing machine occupying one corner of your house is an efficient robot. House cleaning underwent a major revolution when vacuum cleaners were introduced. iRobot’s Roomba created a storm of a revolution and it has evolved in such a way that it is worthy of a whole separate article. Other notable Roomba counterparts are Neato-XV11, Samsung Navibot, CleanMate, MicroRobot Ubot and Yujin Robots. All are designed to make housecleaning not only easy but also hygienic.

Top 8 Revolutionary Home Robots on the commercial market

  1. Let’s shift the spotlight from Roomba to Scooba and Mint. Unlike the Roomba, they are wet cleaners. Scooba is equipped with separate tanks to hold clean and dirty water. Mint is designed to use wet towels.
  2. MiP is now the best robotic personal assistant. Responding to hand gestures and powered through smartphone apps, MIP works on Bluetooth.
  3. The ingenious Rotimatic is a blessing because it has the capacity to dish out rotis, pita breads and tortillas at an efficient rate.
  4. The Beam System is the robot that takes your place when you cant be around. With a video screen attached to its body, the Beam navigates on its own and while streaming live chat with the person on the other end.
  5. The miniPRO handsfree scooter has all the balancing capabilities of the hoverboard and safety features of a scooter. It is also protected with an app having anti-theft features.
  6. Riley is your home’s new robotic security guard. Armed to the teeth with a mic, motion sensors, and a night –vision camera, Riley patrols your house and keeps you safe.
  7. Paro the baby seal has a different usage. Designed to provide comfort to people who feel emotionally unstable, Paro’s appearance itself has a soothing effect. Paro is built to sense human touch , shake its little tail and look up at you through puppy eyes.
  8. Dolphin Nautilus Plus is perfect to clean that grimy swimming pool.

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