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Use of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many complex definitions. It is the simulation of human processes by machines, especially computers. Apple’s Siri and Hanson Robotics’ Sophia are example of AI in both extremes. Siri is programmed to converse with the user in a near-human voice whilst Sophia is the only non humanoid to own citizenship rights to any country.

Robotics and AI are seen as two powerful forces of technology that are in a symbiotic relationship with each other. AI is increasingly combined with robotics to make tasks easier and more flexible. AI is very much still in its rudimentary stages . Yet it is proving to be a major force to reckon with , especially when it joins hands with robotics. Here’s how:

  • Robots in industrial sectors are pre-programmed to perform a task. In the near future, AI could upgrade this aspect by allowing robots to learn tasks by observing a human counterpart. This means that robots will so perform tasks without an pre-programming.
  • The world is seeing more presence of robots in the service sector like hotels and supermarkets. AI uses its language learning abilities to make them more interactive and intelligent. Marty, the supermarket robot does a multitude of jobs by simply cruising down the aisles.
  • The medical arena is seeing the profound impact of AI with robotics. The robotics arm that is used by surgeons is capable of complex and delicate surgeries. Surgeries can be less taxing , more precise and successful with the help of this improvisation in technology.

Applications of AI And Robotics

AI uses computer vision- an important aspect in unmanned drones. This computer vision enhances the ability of robots like drones and humanoids to navigate more accurately. AI and robotics are being experimented in self-driving cars. While this is still in the embryonic stages, autonomous cars are touted to make driving safer with significantly less driving errors. Industrial giants are relying increasingly on robots with AI in the assembly line and packaging sections. AI in makes for more accurate , quicker and low cost while refining the robotic actions constantly.

Collaborative robots of Cobots alleviate the fear that robots will one day replace humans in the industrial sector. AI here allows cobots to interact and co-exist with humans. Cobots are designed to make the work easier and efficient for humans instead of taking over their jobs.

The realm of AI and robotics extends beyond automated cars and humanoids. It majorly involves the processing of mountains of data that is generated daily. AI when strategically combined with Robotics , interprets complex texts and images and helps the robot act on those interpretations.

Robots And AI is seeing a big growth in telecom companies. Robotic Process Automation is employed to reduce and rectify human errors and improve data quality. AI ensures that all processes are running smoothly by handling repetitive and mundane tasks. Detection of frauds, trouble shooting issues and detecting issues even before they crop up, building better products, etc are all made possible with AI.

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