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Vision Guided Robots

Vision guided robots are a different segment of robotic technology that is fast growing. The advanced capability of vision in robots will make it more flexible and capable. When compared to a blind robot, vision guided robots bring in more capability to the given task. Industrial robotic arms, collaborative robot and autonomous robots all stand to win when equipped with an advanced vision capability. It makes them more desirable and can be used in various industrial applications. A normal blind robot can be refilled to get this advanced capability.

The logistics sector is the largest buyer of this latest vision guided robotic technology. Due to its advanced capabilities, it is now being used in other sectors as well. The market for vision guided is poised for a big surge. It is now expected to reach a sales figure of $5.90 billion by 2021, a big jump from $3.40 billion in 2016. The compound annual growth rate is expected to be 12%. Demand for autonomous and other robots grows and so is the positive growth.

Trends and Technology

The trend keeps changing each passing year and that impacts the robotic technology as well. Trend brings in new technology that can change the way people and business function. Trend instils need and this ends up in innovation. This need for improved flexibility and accuracy has created the vision guided robots. They can now make an industrial robots, collaborative robots, and logistics robot more powerful. The demand is expected to grow in the near future. The technology behind vision guided robots has been fast evolving. A few technologies that are quite an advantage and make the most impact are:

3D Vision: For robots to perform autonomous navigation or be a robotic bin, picking up parts, it needs to understand perception. 3D vision improves depth perception. This feature is a major development in the robotic industry.

VSLAM: Or, vision simultaneous localization mapping, is a technology that helps robots navigate autonomously an unknown environment. An important innovation for mobile robots, it works by finding the location of the camera and also mapping the surrounding, all done simultaneously.

More number of companies are now adopting vision guided robots for its increased capabilities and better return of investment. Falling prices is another significant factor. All these trends and technologies has created a great demand and it is not going to subside.

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