A service robot serving water in a dining room.

Our Future With Robots

Impact of Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robot or Cobots were designed to co-exist with humans. A major revolution in robotics, cobots are made with the prerequisite to safely and effectively interact with humans. Those cobots that are made specifically for the industrial environment are equipped with sensors for collaborative functions.

The cobot has been evolving ever since its inception. Cobots come as a blessing because it is not here to replace humans. Instead, it assists humans to maximize performance and productivity. The extended robotic arm in a car or motorbike assembling building acts to two extra hands to the mechanic in charge of that environment.

Better versions of the cobot are already taking over and setting new trends. Advanced designs could enhance the adaptability of cobots with humans. New adaptation could include:

  • voice recognition and behavior recognition
  • adapting to human behavior
  • understanding and obeying voice commands
  • mobility in challenging terrains

Impact of Robots in your daily life

It is a widely known fact that robots assist in the industrial sectors and anywhere else where machines and electronics are involved. The presence and the use of a robot is increasing in more ways than one .

  • Medical field: Even the most dexterous of surgeons rely on robotic instruments to assist in complex and intricate surgeries. Surgeons control the arm using high pixel cameras to reach into the most delicate parts of the human body to perform precise surgeries. In the future, robots could be navigating the halls of the hospitals with indispensable roles.
  • Fighting Crime: Police are already using robots to diffuse bombs are pinpoint locations of crime and criminals . Robots replace police personnel in extremely dangerous situations . They come in as life –savers in disarming booby traps and explosives.
  • Assisting the elderly and terminally sick patients: Designed specifically with patients and elderly people in mind, these new versions of robots can make life easier for them and for those who take care of them. Paro, the robotic seal is a clear example of a machine that is com into existence just to give comfort and consolation to the weary soul.
  • Restaurants: Robot waitresses are becoming a common image on the internet. Japan , being the innovative nation that it is, leads the world in employing robots in its restaurants. They have become a huge source of attraction and they bring in big money too. Not everyday does a robot take your order and serve you too!! Innovative ideas are taking things a step further by employing them in the kitchen , bars and coffee counters.

Will the robots take over the world some day? Will roles be reversed ? Will they be responsible for stopping global warming in its tracks? We can only wait and watch. But for the time being, they are very much here to stay !

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