Image Reprsenting Humanoid Robots.

Robotics: The New Trend in Science

Robotics- some historical facts

The Czech word “Robot” basically means “forced labour”. But in today’s world it means a whole new thing. A robot it defined as a machine that is programmed to perform a function either automatically or by remote control. The study and science of robot is Robotics.

Robotics is born of the confluence of four major streams- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Better known as STEM. The components of STEM can be broken down into computer engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, electronics and mechatronics. The very first industrial robot came into existence in 1961 where it was deployed to lift and stack hot pieces of metal.

But the concept of automating a machine has been long embedded in the mind of man, even as early as the third century. The brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci sketched designs for the first humanoid way back in 1495. The famous painter would have never guessed that his imagination would one day evolve into reality and take over the world in its own unique way.

Within the year 1978, the world had witnessed all kinds of “firsts” in the world of Robotics. The complete, humanoid intelligent robot was introduced. It could independently move its limbs. From then on , Robotics has majorly influenced the human existence in many walks of life.

Robots of the new Millennium

The advancement of robotics in today’s world is worth an up close analysis. At the offset of this analysis comes Sophia. How many of us are familiar with THIS particular Sophia? Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics brought Sophia into the world in October 2017. She is the first humanoid robot to have received a citizenship and also give high profile interviews. Sophia is also the first ever non human to have been honoured with the United Nation’s title of Innovation Champion. How cool is that????!!

Marty is a service robot who is designed to roam the aisles of supermarkets. He uses Image Capturing Technology to help make shopping a better experience. Marty is expected to cut costs by doing what a dozen store employees do. This list of tasks starts from scanning shelves for product information, take care of inventory and product delivery, alert potential hazards , etc.

Paro is a a therapeutic baby seal that works just like a therapy dog. Paro was built with the intention of providing comfort and calmness to patients . All this done without the drawbacks a real therapy pet is associated with.

It is most endearing to see the way Paro is programmed to react to human Interaction. It can shake its tail, open and close its eyes, seek eye contact and can respond effectively to touch.

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