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Profound Technology Demonstrations Using Robotic Applications

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Learning through machines have instilled robots with more awareness and independent than before. Many small, medium and large scale industries have performed their transition into robotics automation. Before further movement of robots into a wider market it is important that their computer program and their equipments are refined and in better shape with top class application capabilities. A complete revamp might be required to make the robots complete certain jobs. The field of robotics have grown in a very vast way since its introduction but it still has a long way to proceed before a universal intelligent technology comes in.

Places of Interest for Robotic Applications

  • Hospital Operation Theatre

Steadiness in hand is of extreme priority as far as surgeons are concerned as even the tiniest movement can cause a tear in the artery, wound a tissue or damage an organ through a cut. As on date there is no robot which can perform a full surgery but many systems have been invented developed to replace the abilities of humans. Every new technology that is brought in looks into higher accuracy with usage of minimal time and less damage.

  • Policing and Swat

The primary responders, teams responding to incidents that have endangered lives, officials from these enforcement units depend on robots to accompany them in such dangerous situations. The best example is the disaster caused due to nuclear weapons in Fukushima needed enhancement in danger-response robots that goes on even till now. Robots are being used for bomb disposal and also for saving survivors after a fire accident or natural disasters. Creation of such robots is done through interaction with professionals who have had a real time experience in such life and death environments.

Robotics Automation – a Replacement for Human Physical Labor

The accuracy that is required in the field of welding is very high. Having a steady hand like surgeons without any distractions is difficult and more so to toss a huge gear to weld. Welding process challenges a human’s power as well as accuracy. Thus in the long run, this is one field which has seen a downfall in human labor. But with the introduction of robots in both the manufacturing unit as well as in the field gives into better production for many years to come. Robots for the field of specific type of welding has to be tuned by developers so as to put them in the field. This therefore eliminates the dangers caused to humans during them welding process and also inhalation of hazardous fumes from the metals by humans becomes nil.

Usage of Robotic equipment in the field of Agriculture is a very high-handed way of handling weeds, harvest, plants, crops, etc. Jobs such as plant nursing, maturing the plants, control of weeds, having a control on pollution, planting new seedlings, etc can be performed by robots now. Machines that help with milking cows in dairy farms is the start to robotic technology on live animals.

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