The Bright & Huge Electronic Coca-Cola 3D Digital Billboard Advertising In A Beautiful Night View of Times-Square Central And Main Square of New York.

Coca-Cola Brings A Seismic Shift In Digital Billboard Advertising

The Digital Billboard Advertising industry has been booming for years in the US. These tech-enabled billboards are great at capturing the eye of the beholder and then retaining it. But like all-things-tech, a revolution was imminent. And the one to bring it about was Coca-Cola with the world’s first robotic billboard. 

In August 2017, Coca-Cola installed a digital billboard using LED displays equipped with 3D motion in Times square. The sign that was designed, engineered, and constructed by Coca-Cola and a few partners won two Guinness World Records:

  • the first 3D robotic billboard
  • the largest 3D robotic billboard

The awards were honored on the debut day and on-site of the 3D digital sign, which Guinness World Records™ attended. 

The First Robotic Sign In Billboard Advertising. 

The world’s first robotic sign in billboard advertising was six stories high and worth $12 million per year. The robotic billboard was created in Atlanta at the bottling plant of Coca-Cola and then transferred to New York City for installation. 

Features of the 3D robotic digital billboard:

  • Its measurements were 68 ft. X 42 ft.
  • It had 1760 LED screens. 
  • Each high definition screen was 13” x 13”.
  • Each screen was independently controlled using an MCM-SB1 belt-driven actuator. They were designed by Macron Dynamics, especially for the billboard. 

A Close-up Image of Coca-Cola 3D Digital Billboard Advertising Illuminated By The Lights of The Colorful Neon Billboards And Advertisement.

Each of the 1700+ LED cubes of the 3D digital sign could be choreographed to show any content. This allowed the billboard to create a multi-sensory experience for the 300,000 passersby who cross Times Square in Manhattan every day. 

How did Coca-Cola achieve the multi-sensory experience with the robotic billboard? By extending and retracting the different LED cubes to make it look like the drinks, Coca-Cola offers came to life. 

On the inaugural day, the beverage company took advertising up a notch. They built a pop-up that had interactive seating. Any fan could experience the installation by taking a seat. 

And while the LED cubes moved to display content, a refreshing cool mist was released in the seating area. To satisfy the thirst and craving for a drink, the fans were also offered varied ice-cold Coca-Cola beverages like Diet Coke. Similar to this, In South Korea, Click Here in Seoul’s gangnam district they launched the exotic giant 3D wave on a 262ft wide digital billboard.

Upping The Mobile Billboard Game

When the concept of a mobile billboard was introduced to OOH media, it forever changed how a brand could approach promotions. The robotic digital sign Coca-Cola installed one-upped even the mobile billboard game!

It may have taken the company over four years to design and test the 3D sign and patent three of its technologies, but they brought a sea change in the advertising industry. 

But what else do you expect from a business that has pioneered billboard advertising? In the 1890’s, they used painted wall murals. Then they moved to the iconic neon signs. Then the prominent digital mobile billboards. And finally bringing about the robotic revolution in outdoor advertising.

It may have taken them a hundred years, but Coca-Cola proved that being at the forefront of advertising innovation pays off! With its iconic 3D robotic billboard, Coca-Cola made sure that they brought their brand to life. And they did it in such a different and unique way that the billboard caught everyone’s attention and kept them engaged for a long time!

An Ultimate & Attractive View of Coca-Cola 3D Digital Billboard Advertising In New York.

Their aim with the robotic billboard was to build a “pause-and-refresh moment,” something nearly impossible in Times Square’s hustle and bustle. Yet, they achieved it with panache. 

Tailoring Content To The Robotic Digital Billboard

What does a digital billboard that revolutionizes the industry need? It needs a full spectrum of content tailored just for it. That’s exactly what Coca-Cola did. They built bespoke programming.

  • One targeted the daily NY city commuters.
  • Another targeted the hordes of tourists that visit the city every year. 

The message displayed on the 3D digital sign was refreshed not just every day of the week but also at different times of the day. For instance, during lunch hour, they showed a small clip of coke-and-meal. 

The robotic digital billboard shook the world and the audience. If you are looking for digital billboards with similar power, look for them in Las Vegas.

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