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Robotic Jobs In Leading Usa Tech Job Portal

A guide to popular Robotics courses and the various job profiles

There is no doubt that Robotics is here to stay. With the enormous innovations and AI research happening in the tech world, the world is nearing a future that would be completely automated and controlled by robots. The specializations like Space robotics, Nanorobotics, AI machines, Bio-cybernetics, and legged locomotion are already paving the way to detail oriented robotic technology, providing umpteen of technical opportunities candidates who wish to pursue a career in robotics. The leading USA Tech job portal foresees a tremendous demand for robotics candidates in the coming years as Premier IT enterprises embrace AI and the related technologies with great vigor. This article takes you through the qualifications and educational backgrounds vital for technical candidates for various robotic job roles. Candidates keen on acquiring a Robotics job can also consider this a perfect career guide.

What skills lead you to a dream career in robotics?

Robotics is the future. And to create the right path towards a glorious future, the candidates must acquire the right skills. What are the skills you must be adept at? Or, what are the small steps required to fulfill your dreams of a robotic career? TechFetch Jobs portal, one of the leading Tech job portals, reports that many leading robotics recruiters demand a specific set of skills and qualifications for their open positions. The robotic enthusiasts reading this article should take cognizance of the following skills mentioned here and ensure that you are trained suitably.

Robotics comprises multiple electrical, mechanical, and computer science aspects along with psychology. It is worthy to note that not every job associated with robotics insists on a university degree. A few of them, like robotics technicians and robotic operators, require only core subject knowledge from high school.

Getting started with Robotics

The multidisciplinary robotic technology requires the job aspirants to be adept in a wide range of subjects from computers, mechanics, electrical, biotechnology to cognitive science. These requirements are attributed to the multiple disciplines a Robot is employed for operations. Mathematics and Physics are the two core subjects that are a must learn, as these are the foundational aspects of engineering concepts. These two subjects incorporate the core concepts of energy, mechanics, electrical circuits, and material science, the key to Robotics. Here is a brief insight into three core concepts of robotics.

Mechanical engineering: This engineering stream is the core of robotics that forms Robots’ physical systems. Mechanics, manufacturing, and materials engineering are the foundation of industrial robots with a specialization in mechatronics facilitating the physical designs.

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Electronics and electrical engineering: The core of automation and controls, a specialization in electrical and electronics stream ensures that the candidates know the electronic fundamentals like embedded system, control theory, and low-level programming.

Computer Science: Robotics is impossible without the core programming knowledge that prepares the professionals with high-level programming skills. Software Design and Artificial Intelligence are the two vital concepts of bot programming that also use psychology and concerned fields to develop an AI-driven robot.

A Master’s degree ensures integrating Robotic core concepts making it essential for aspiring robotic professionals to undergo graduation and post-graduation courses in Robotics. Here is a list of four splendid Robotics jobs open for robotic candidates.

Best robotic jobs in tech industry

Robotics Engineer

Check Out – Tech industries employ candidates with electrical and mechanical skills to develop bots for their Robotics Engineer positions. Knowledge in COM (Computer-aided manufacturing) and CADD (Computer-aided design and drafting is an added advantage to the job seekers. Robotic engineers are placed across several medical, military, gaming, and entertainment industries. The average salary of a Robotics engineer is $80,000.

Robotics programmer

Developing codes for robots, validating automation processes, and technology integrations are the Robotics Programmer’s core responsibilities. A degree or Master’s in circuits and electronics is preferred for these positions. The average pay of a Robotics programmer is $62,400.

Best robotic jobs in tech industry

Robotics Technician

These professionals are primarily engaged to fix and maintain robotic operations. They are also involved in training and supporting other teams associated with Robotics. According to Tech Fetchjob portal, the average pay for a technician is $54,379.

Robotics Software engineer

These professionals are responsible for developing algorithms and system software for autonomous navigation, sensor calibration, Robot perception, and control. TechFetch reports the recruitment of an impressive workforce in this category by some of the leading tech industries like Amazon, Mitsubishi, and Boss Nova.

Some of the other popular jobs associated with Robotics are Deep learning engineers, Robot operators, and sales engineers. According to TechFetch jobs portal, a gradual increase in Robotic graduates’ recruitment is being witnessed across industries with NASA, IBM, and GE, the largest recruiters.

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