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How the multi-tool mount system can boost automation in collaborative robots?

What is a multi-tools mount system?

Robots using artificial intelligence inside their modules are called collaborative robots. The collaborative robots can work efficiently at tiny tasks and provide accuracy to the production lines of the manufacturing industry. The cobots can function better when they run autonomously without any manual help. To do so, the new scale robotics have launched the first multi-tool mount system for making the small cobots work incessantly. We can call it a robot gripper and the name of this tool is NSR-MTM – 3. The best thing about this tool is it offers multiple-personalization techniques for various industrial purposes. Let’s find out more about NSR-MTM-3 along with its benefits and applications.

What are the positives of the NSR-MTM-3?

The NSR-MTM-3 is designed with the focus of achieving multitasking in collaborative robots. The cycle time in NSR-MTM-3 is very less when compared to other tools. The developers of the tool believe in safety as a priority and so does the product NSR-MTM-3. The system can enable automatic processors inside the robots.

This system’s build consists of hardware and software parts in two small portions making it compact with the small collaborative robots. The mounting of the hardware possesses four screens and one connector tool port.

The tool does not require any external cable to work which makes this tool special and worthy. It receives power from slip-rings and the connector of the robots. The powerful ISO certified connectors and interface are used in the tools manufacturing.

It possesses some UR caps to plug-in with the UR-e of the robots. The UR caps help the user to complete the installation and set up in fewer and easy steps. The tool can pile up to three devices at one time. The tool can be run with one hand positioning system if trained a few times.

The user of NSR-MTM-3 can customize the tools in a few clicks to make automation changes inside the robot. This can minimize the work of inserting multiple manual instructions inside the robot.

Where the NSR-MTM-3 does find its purpose?

The NSR-MTM finds its place in the diversities of manufacturing industries using robots. The manufacturing companies use the tool to pick up small parts of the machines, to measure lengths and breadths of machines, to store important data and sorting it for its best use.

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