Image Representing use of robotic arm in the manufacturing industry.

Industrial robots Vs jobs- Join the industrial revolution!

Why manufacturing industries suffer?

The rise in development in education standards are creating a skilled workforce and team of engineers in the R&D department of all manufacturing industries. But labor shortage starts increasing due to the increase in skilled workers. Owing to this problem, manufacturing companies are moving a step ahead by using robots instead of laborers. Industrial companies hope to ensure that robots can fill all the labor shortages in the present and also in the future. Let us take a look at the causes of shortage in detail.

Skill Gap- An Impact That Matters!
The baby boomers stack up 27% of industrial laborers all around the world. The Reports states that every day nearly 10,000 baby boomers are getting retired. The skilled millennial is not interested in filling the jobs of the labor. The experts say that this can be the reason for the enormous skill gap between 2018 and 2028. An estimate states that nearly 2.4 million jobs will remain unfilled by the time we touch 2028.

How can we solve the manufacturing labor deficiency?

Even today we witness the impact of the labor shortage in manufacturing industries. Due to the shortage, the current workers have to work overtime despite receiving an incentive and an additional bonus from the company side.

As previously said the manufacturers are facing a problem that concerns with the retirement of the baby boomers. They are trying all sorts of efforts like increasing their pay, providing insurance and bonuses, or offering incentives for achieving goals. This last stage effort is the last attempt of the manufacturers to make them work even after reaching their retirement age.

To reduce the technical labor shortage industries are creating a strong bond with the technical schools to offer jobs once the student graduates in a particular field. This is the best way to reduce labor shortage and fetch some healthy and strong youth to work for the industries at a rated pay-scale.

The use of industrial robots for the manufacturing

Many experts believe that replacing humans by robots will lead to unemployment. We can better call this belief as a myth because the increase in the number of robots will bring a reputable rise in the requirement of men at work. Currently, people who are working hard at day and night can get relief by substituting them with robots. The industrial robots can also provide work efficiency without any delay.

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