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Know The Fundamentals and basic of Robotics

What does the term Robotics mean?

Robotics is one of the most interesting inventions made by science. The development of science helps scientists to shed the impediments and cross-over all the hurdles to create something new. Robots find their applications in research labs, where lots of manual work is allotted to them, Robotics arms helps to lift heavy weights in space, and some fun robots even work in restaurants as waiters. Some specially designed robots can work as rovers on planets to find essential clues. NASA is working hard to create robots that can work with man hand in hand.

What are robotic arms?
NASA uses robotic arms to lift heavy loads at space stations. The scientist can walk in space using the robotic arms. The robotic arms are specialized in repairing any malfunctions at the space stations. The arms can move in and out of the space station like worms and the astronauts can control them with joysticks.

Is robots’ expertise at discovering new worlds?

The research of the planet under the siege of NASA is directly proportional to reports of a robot sent to the planet. Recently the robots Spirit and Opportunity are working on mars to find traces of life on the planet. Some robots move on the surface of the planet, while some fly over them. Some robots revolve around the orbits to study the planets and their moons.

Working of autonomous robots in space:
The robotic arms need controllers but the independent robots need commands from computers to function efficiently. The scientists develop some commands on earth and transmit them with powerful signals and antennas to the robot which then works according to the commands.

How robots can minimize the work of an astronaut?

NASA is developing new robots that can help humans in space. One such robot is called ‘” Robonaut”. These robots resemble humans and can perform tasks like spacewalks. The wheels on their legs allow them to move on planets.

The next idea of the scientists is to create small robots called SPHERES. They look like soccer balls and can fly in space and deliver some paramount reports which astronauts need.

One of the most valuable ideas of NASA is to create robotic arms that can perform surgeries. The astronauts who need urgent medical attention at space can fetch help from robotic arms that can even perform surgeries if required.

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