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What is the difference between AI and robotics?

What does the term AI (Artificial intelligence) and robotics mean?

One of the most muddling questions we may have is whether robotic is a part of AI or whether AI is the part of robotics? But, the truth is that Robotics and artificial intelligence are both very much different from each other. They both have several aspects that makes them stand out from the rest. Some people mix them and some consider them the same. So, let us unveil the solution to this muddling question!

What is robotics?
Robotics is a branch of science and technology that concerns with robots. Robots work on computer programs either automatically or with instructions for actions. The most important aspect of robots is communication. The robots can communicate with the world using a programming language.

Some people believe robotics is completely dependent on AI but it is not the truth. AI is a small component used during the production of robots.

What is artificial intelligence and why is it different from Robotics?

Artificial intelligence deals with computer-based programs to access additional bits of help to human work. The artificial intelligence is widely used in industries to carry out rapid productions. The algorithms of AI are experts at reasoning and tackling problems.

Popular companies like Google and Amazon navigation tools like maps use AI to help their users. It is very rare when AI is used in robotics.

AI often consists of machine learning where an AI robot is trained to complete the necessary task with the given inputs and outputs.

Differences between AI and Robots:

The AI and robots are separate from each other in almost or all the aspects. The overlap between them is what that causes confusion for people. This overlap makes them think robotics and AI are the same. An artificially intelligent robot is a combination of AI and robotics but they are not used often. The research and space scientists often use AI-enabled robots.

Robotics is a branch related to creation of robots and artificial intelligence makes programs to help the production process in an industry.

What are artificial and non-artificial cobots?

The collaborative robots are called cobots. There are two types of cobots:

  • Non-artificially intelligent robots and
  • Artificially intelligent robots

Non-artificially intelligent cobots:
The non-artificially intelligent robot can move an object from one place to another if guided once. The robot then does the same task until it is turned-off.

Artificially intelligent robots:
The artificially intelligent robot can make out differences between various objects to be placed and can place them accordingly without human assistance.

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